Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Clipping Expert BD offers many ways to upload your work images and download your completed images.

1. Web FTP Server

We have online web FTP facilities for clients so that they can upload their images right from the website. Click here to access our website FTP service. You can only upload your images using the web FTP.

2. Our FTP Server

For our regular clients we provide our FTP server. If you need FTP server information for regular file transmitting files please Contact Us. Our support team will make a FTP account for you.

3. Your personal FTP Server

If you do not want to use our FTP account, you can use you own FTP as well. Please let us know about the FTP account information of workplace. We will be providing you service by there too.

4. Third Party FTP Facilities

You can also use third party services to transfer files. The most popular FTP services are Wetransfer, Dropbox, SendThisFile, Hightail, Google Drive.

5. Sending by Courier

If you got big amount of files and they are hard to transfer over internet, you can always send them on portable hard disc, DVD disc, Blue Ray Disc or whatever is best for you by your favorite Courier service. Please Contact to our customer support to get the postal address with valid information and details.