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Clipping PathClipping Path

Clipping Path Service

In graphics industry, clipping path is mainly a vector path on the targeted area of an object. It’s a selection method to perform special effect on the desired area for a targeted output. Read More

Neck jointNeck joint

Neck Joint

Photo Neck Joint is a deftness of constructing an photo by editing a sections well as newly created other portions according to the given portion of an photo that makes the final photo as beautiful as naturalistic appearance.  Read More

drop shadowdrop shadow

Drop Shadow

Increasing visitor’s impression at any object or imagine graphic design, shadow plays an important role. Basically, it’s a visual effects of object or image performed by photo editing software like Photoshop. Read More

refection shadowrefection shadow

Reflection Shadow

A mirror reflection shadow is a shadow of an image that makes the image as beautiful as natural look. For the purpose of the best quality mirror reflection shadow Read More

Clipping MaskClipping Mask

Masking Service

There are some complex images like hair for which clipping path cannot be applied. Clipping Service India has some specialist for this type of work and uses the latest Photoshop  Read More

web optimizationweb optimization

Web Optimization 

Optimizing images on web pixel is an important factor. While publishing image or product on web the size and quality,depends of pixel, is first concern. Read More

Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching

Photo Retouching

Clipping Service  India provides Photoshop retouching services to remove spots and scratches from a product or a model in a photograph. Read More

Raster To VectorRaster To Vector

Raster To Vector

If you have a logo or graphics which have low resolution or poor quality and you wish to have a high resolution vector, this service can also be provided. Read More